download (3)For a professional make up artist, marketing of a mobile make up job gets a little challenging due to the fact that one lacks a permanent physical location from where to carry out their make up sessions. They thus have to rely on the appointments set and the contacts given so as to be able to widen their penetration into the market. Most mobile make up artists rely on referees and recommendations made by their customers in order to widen their reach. However, there are a couple of tips that a make up artist can follow in marketing their mobile make up brand to the wider market and be able to stay stable such as mentioned in

Cross Promotion

Cross promotion is very helpful especially when it comes to marketing of a bridal make up team that is mobile in its operations. For example, cross promotion can involve partnering for instance you can go to a wedding shop to have it promote your make up brand to its clients while at the same time when making up your clients you promote the brand of the bridal shop such that you end up promoting each others businesses.

When looking for an easier collaboration, you could visit wedding planners, video makers and bridal shops that can promote your bridal make up brand as you also promote their different brands to your clients. This method brings a very positive outcome in marketing your mobile make up business.